Pharma Flight

Critical design object demonstrating the over prescription and social acceptance of pharmaceuticals.

Exhibited at Virginia Tech industrial Design Gallery. Designed for observation of what could be; a socially applicable product for serving popular alcohol and prescription drug combinations.

Featuring a bespoke pill shooting sled, popular selections on this board include:
- The Pain Killer: Whiskey & Percocet
- Ladies Night: Red wine & Xanax
- Full Speed: Vodka & Adderall
- Sweet Dreams: Hennessy & Fentanyl

The prototype was machined from a block of aluminum via a flip milling procedure enduring 13 hours.

The casual aspect of this piece becomes overwhelming as it can be clearly imagined in a bar, at a business meeting, or at a baseball game.

What makes this concept immoral? How is it possible to relate to the intended user? When will it become commercialized?

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